Thursday, May 9, 2013

Do you do your own retouching?

  Many people have been asking me that over the years, the answer is "YES", I learned Photoshop before I learned how to take pictures, so when I started taking pictures some years ago of kids, couples, weddings, quince's, sweet sixteen, well you get the idea, I have done it all, the easiest thing for me to do was to do my own retouching.
  I continue doing my own retouching because I want to control the whole process, after all, your pictures are the first thing people see, even before they call you, at least that's what I do when I look for models, if the avatar that they use is not what I'm looking for or it looks amateurish I don't even look at the rest of the portfolio.
  That's the reason why I do my own retouching and that's the reason why in a photoshoot I do not give the model all the pictures, I give the model only the ones that are the best and that have been retouched, how many pictures I give the model? well that is a topic for another post, but believe me, models are happy with the pictures they get...
 Below you will see examples of pictures so you can have an idea of what I can do, enjoy......

  The Last picture was taken but the amazing photographer Neil Van Niekerk, you can follow him at, I just did the Digital Composition.

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