Friday, August 31, 2012

Olesya Shayda

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to work with this amazing model, her name is Olesya, she is only 21 Yrs. old but when you think she is too young and maybe not serious about modeling you get a big surprise, many models don't call you back, don't answer emails and many, many, "flake", but Olesya is different, since the first email I knew she was responsible because she answered, ( sorry to said but you get very disappointed with models) and every email after that to coordinate clothing and ideas I always received an answer, that showed me that she respected my time and it's something you appreciate from models.
The day of the photoshoot she was prepared, make up done and always an smile on her face, we work until late on that day and she was always smiling, it's great to meet a model so responsible, professional and amazing, specially when she is so young, oh yes, you want to see some pictures from the photoshoot? here they are, enjoy...

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