Monday, April 23, 2012

My first attempt at blending images

I use Photoshop a lot to finish my images and I use many images to create one so maybe the title is a little misleading, this is actually my first attempt to use one flash and illuminate different planes of a picture and then blending them in Photoshop. Before, I use to create everything in one image. Why I'm trying this? because sometimes I carry only one flash with me and I want to create pictures like if I had many flashes at that moment.
I hope it makes sense, later I will try images with people in it and see what I can do, I live you with the images that I used to create the final image, before you ask, the background was created in Photoshop.

Disclaimer: I only created the picture for learning purposes, Coca Cola bottle, design, color and trademarks, as well as the watch and the I -pod are the property of their respective owners.