Friday, September 17, 2010

Photoshop contest winner

photoshop contest winner, originally uploaded by hanspix.
This picture is from "Modern Gypsies". The excellent photographer Neil van Niekerk holded a contest to see who could fix a picture that he took, he gave the idea and we needed to bring his idea to life in photoshop, I was surprised when he call me to tell me I won.

My first post... actually my second

This is my first post, I'll will try to post here all my work and my beginnings as a photographer, even though I been taking pictures for a while is at this moment that I decided to start photography to challenge myself, for me photography is a pause in time and something that you will remember forever, every time that you see a photo no matter if it was taken many years ago you remember everything about that moment, that is what I want in my pictures, save memories, for me and for those who allowed me to take their pictures.

My model

boina close up, originally uploaded by hanspix.
I always use my wife as a model when I need to test a different lighting set up, a new lens, etc... she is always a trooper, willing to help with my love for photography.