Friday, August 31, 2012

Olesya Shayda

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to work with this amazing model, her name is Olesya, she is only 21 Yrs. old but when you think she is too young and maybe not serious about modeling you get a big surprise, many models don't call you back, don't answer emails and many, many, "flake", but Olesya is different, since the first email I knew she was responsible because she answered, ( sorry to said but you get very disappointed with models) and every email after that to coordinate clothing and ideas I always received an answer, that showed me that she respected my time and it's something you appreciate from models.
The day of the photoshoot she was prepared, make up done and always an smile on her face, we work until late on that day and she was always smiling, it's great to meet a model so responsible, professional and amazing, specially when she is so young, oh yes, you want to see some pictures from the photoshoot? here they are, enjoy...

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pablo E. Gonzalez

Pablo is a model from Puerto Rico, I have a lot friends from Puerto Rico and they are amazing people, Pablo is not the exception, he is a great young man, very professional and even though I have to confess that photographing male models is not something that I do, Pablo made it very easy for me to get great pictures of him. After a while I thought "maybe I can be a model" but then I woke up from my dream and I realize I don't have the body, height or looks to be a great model, anyway, below you'll see a few pictures from this photoshoot, he was great.


Sannie "beautiful eyes" Pedersen

This beautiful model is Sannie, she doesn't call herself "beautiful Eyes" but after you see her pictures you'll understand why I call her "beautiful eyes" Pedersen. Sannie is beautiful (not only her eyes) and her personality is amazing, the studio where this pictures were taken was hot, the air conditioner was on and there were fans circulating the air, but we were sweating and Sannie never complaint, is a pleasure to work with a model that is beautiful but at the same time she is great as a person, if after all that you don't believe me, check her pictures and you'll agree with me.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

The beautiful Joni Koay

Few days ago I gave you a preview of a photoshoot that I had with four amazing models, one of those models was the beautiful Joni Koay, she is an amazing person, during the whole photoshoot she was laughing, joking and gave me some amazing poses. I can write all day about her and how it was so pleasant to work with her, but I know you want to see some pictures of this beautiful model, so here they are, enjoy...

Monday, June 25, 2012

Models Photoshoot

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to shoot 4 amazing models, they were great, always smiling and very professional.
 I'm very busy so I'm posting only one picture of each model but within the next two weeks I'll do a post for every model ( I hope), Enjoy..

Monday, April 23, 2012

My first attempt at blending images

I use Photoshop a lot to finish my images and I use many images to create one so maybe the title is a little misleading, this is actually my first attempt to use one flash and illuminate different planes of a picture and then blending them in Photoshop. Before, I use to create everything in one image. Why I'm trying this? because sometimes I carry only one flash with me and I want to create pictures like if I had many flashes at that moment.
I hope it makes sense, later I will try images with people in it and see what I can do, I live you with the images that I used to create the final image, before you ask, the background was created in Photoshop.

Disclaimer: I only created the picture for learning purposes, Coca Cola bottle, design, color and trademarks, as well as the watch and the I -pod are the property of their respective owners.